How to Use Fashion Dolls



🌟Prior knowledge of Design Apps or Software like Photoshop, Procreate etc. is required to use the dolls.
🌟On your computer or iPad, simply drag and drop the files from the purchased folder onto the design app of your choice.
🌟Can also be used in Canva although dragging it into place will not function properly and you may have to manually place the files to the correct position.

Please use the Premade or Ready-made Dolls (located on the Premade Dolls Folder) for reference.


Trimmed, Untrimmed and PSD Folders

Trimmed folders are files that have no extra space around. They are trimmed according to the size of each file. Some people prefer to use this so they can easily see the image.

But if you are using a graphic design software or app like Procreate or Photoshop, I recommend using the files from the untrimmed folders, all the files have the same canvas size. The drag and drop function is made especially for these two apps, but any design app with layer features will do. Prior knowledge in design apps are highly recommended.

Psd layered files is a photoshop file, it has all the items, all aligned and in order. You just need to hide or unhide the layered to get the look that you want.